Sunday, April 20, 2014

A friendly hypermiling hello!

Hello to all Prius-ers far and wide,

As you've likely noticed, the content of the blog has gone dormant for some time, BUT the existing content, frankly, is all you need with a Generation II Prius (2004-2009) to get the best mileage possible, and although the screens and visual set ups are different in later model years, the principles remain.

My apologies to the many commenters who never received replies - I did not realize that my settings were "off" and didn't receive any notification by e-mail. I've turned it back on, so will do my best to answer future questions. Feel free to repost your comments requesting info here, and this can be the official random question thread!

Thanks, all. Delighted to see that even after all these years there are hundreds, almost a thousand page views a month from those of you seeking out Prius mileage tips.

The most useful post remains Prius-ing for Dummies, so check it out if you're new, and also find the most useful links on the sidebar to the right.

Happy hypermiling, all!