Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The most Prii per capita - Vermont :-)

It just so happens I'm in Vermont for the summer for work, and it just so happens I see a Prius anytime I'm within a stone's throw of any street at all. What typically happens at this point is that I attempt to conceal a hybrid squeal/cry of delight.

For every 159 Vermonters, there exists one Prius in this state, the highest per capita concentration of Prii in the country. Heavenly.

Three Prii - none of which are even mine!


  1. It's like any time a dog sees another dog and acts like it's the first time they ever seen each other's species.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mCoF07rFeU (Brian sees another dog) Coincidentally, Brian also drives a gray Prius ;)

  2. That's an excellent comparison, oh so true...

  3. Now it all makes sense. There were so many of them in Burlington. I was driving the Dodge and felt jealous of those people. I went on saying "There is a Prius.", "Oh there is one", "Oh a blue one!" etc. that I was annoyed at myself.