Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fill-up, Thursday, September 8, 2011

520.0 miles
7.748 gallons

67.11 mpg
3.50 L/100km

Wentworth's complete fueling history

Surprisingly I got over 67 mpg. I say surprisingly, since I thought the last fill-up was partial, but even if it was, it looks like the summer blend or something is boosting my mileage nicely, since for a couple fill-ups now the actual numbers have been high relative to the Prius display.

This tank also includes some new trips which will become habitual for me, including a weekly several mile jaunt which will probably get me 30 mpg each way (ouch). I have a new 20 mile trip over which I only managed 57 mpg, and that was in warm weather! No way to hypermile around hills other than to find an alternate route, so I'll work on that for this week.

Pictures may or may not be coming, computer was on the fritz, may have lost the data for some time...

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