Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fill-up, Tuesday, May 17, 2011

493.6 miles
7.000 gallons *partial fill-up*

Wentworth's complete fueling history

The gas station was closing. I don't think it was the fuel bladder for once, I think the guy inside cut me off at exactly seven gallons - I had under one gallon to go, and also several minutes until they were supposed to close. Now it will be another two weeks before I find out my actual mileage. It's nice getting good mpgs, but I never need to get to a gas station.

Trip A showed 493.2 miles with two of the ten pips left (plus the 0.4 miles before I remembered to reset the trip odometer from the last fill-up, for 493.6 total miles), but I went for the cheap gas day. Plus I have to drive a cat to Boston tomorrow and needed to be sure I could last 130 miles or so. Long story :-)

MFD shows 66.5 mpg over 493 miles for the tank, thus my estimates of about 62-63 mpg. Earlier in the day it had been up to 66.9 mpg for the tank, but coldish temps (high 40s°F) and some downpours/wet roads quickly put a damper on it finishing up. Wentworth was surprisingly of little help - I had to stop the car once on the drive home and restart since Wentworth was doing his temperamental coolant thermos filling or some such nonsense - I was in stage 4 but could not get the engine to shut off for a glide. Thus the 75 mpg bar below for the first five minutes - the engine was already warmed up. The others, you can see, are rather mediocre in that weather. This is what that route can look like, even in cold weather.

And this is what it looked like today...


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