Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fill-up, Tuesday, May 25, 2011

Last week's partial fill-up:

493.6 miles
7.000 gallons

Plus this weeks fill-up:

511.7 miles
8.095 gallons

Equal the total:

1,005.3 miles
15.095 gallons

66.60 mpg
3.53 L/100km

Wentworth's complete fueling history

I can't believe these numbers. I want to say it's just the bladder, but if it is, my gas tank is getting smaller by a gallon a week. I did very conservatively adjust the Scangauge so that the numbers I see are likely just below the real mileage, but this seems like too much.

Then again, I did just implement some new pulsing and gliding the last week or so, and I've been getting mileage 5-10% better than usual as a result.

I also have been filling up at a BP pump, the gas that comes with BP's Invigorate additive. Supposedly more energy content to the fuel.

Maybe it's possible. Maybe it's not. In any case, I do hope the numbers are accurate, since I'm going for a record this coming tank (already at 65 mpg after a day of driving, including a short trip), and would love a precise record of it if all goes well.

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