Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fill-up, Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I discovered that my last fill-up was a partial fill-up due to the second generation Prius bladder system, so I've averaged the last two tanks together. It's a little sad, since you always want to see what your actual mileage was, but the average is what counts in the end. This tank had some amazing mileage, too (pictures forthcoming), which means the last one was a lot crappier than I thought! Mild disappointment.

Last week's:

391.6 miles
6.115 gallons

and today's:

451.4 miles
7.882 gallons

is 843.0 miles with 13.997 gallons.

60.23 mpg
3.91 L/100km

Wentworth's complete fueling history

I drove a lot more than I normally do this week, which I didn't like. Now I know what most people feel like fueling up every five days (it's terrible!). Luckily most of that was for a good cause, since one day I probably drove 50 miles testing acceleration, and another day drove toward Boston to meet Hobbit for a hands-on highway mileage class, probably adding 150 miles or so to my odometer. More on the Hobbit meeting soon, by the way...

The worst part is using all that fuel. I might seek out public transportation when it fits my schedule for the unscheduled night out, though it's difficult given the erratic RIPTA schedule and sparse pickup locations. I should also see if when I'm heading out I could give a ride to a rideseeker. I think I would need just one passenger to beat a Rhode Island bus' mpg per passenger!

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