Monday, March 28, 2011

Scangauge/Multi-function display discrepancy

First part of the trip that told me something nice was coming. Thank you Scangauge for telling me the exact moment I could start pulsing and gliding.

The end result - not quite the MFD record of 73.3 mpg, but I had a couple aborted pulses and tough red lights. I also tried shorter pulses and some lightly EV-assisted glides which largely seemed to help while heading uphill, especially as I compare the bars around the low mileage bar with the ones in the trip record pic.

Now, which to believe? The 2-3% discrepancy between Scangauge and the Prius is not huge, but just enough to be a little annoying. I'm hoping the Scangauge calibration process that takes a couple fill-ups will help with this. In any case I'll take that mileage any day! Of course, the trip you see is the way home - the way there is just barely over 60 mpg, with more uphills, so the average for the roundtrip is 66 mpg, making me wonder if with my commute if it's possible to ever reach 70 mpg on a tank...

EDIT, 3/30/2011: Continues to be off a bit, but happened to get an identical 67.8 mpg from both Scangauge and MFD this morning on a short 7 mile trip. Filling up soon to hopefully calibrate better.

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