Sunday, February 6, 2011

Solid trip, 65.1 mpg displayed

Solid 27-mile/43-km trip home from work this morning. I got 61.1 mpg or 3.85 L/100km going there in the morning, and 65.1 mpg or 3.61 L/100km on the way back. This is with pretty intense hypermiling attempts (that's right, driving slow can be intense), since the whole landscape is rife with hills, including two bridges that go waaay up (before the lovely backside down). I also had a couple inopportune stops (cut off by a bus just before a stoplight which I otherwise would've gotten through before it turned red - on an uphill), so it's nice to see the good numbers even with those. Those of you with flat commutes, be thankful!

Keep in mind the Prius display is generously inaccurate by a couple mpg, so the likely real life average for the roundtrip was 60 mpg (3.92 L/100km), which is my stretch goal for an entire tank.

Have a good weekend!

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