Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wentworth's working hard in the cold

After my post on Monday about short trips and killing kittens, I decided to calculate the potential hit for my own routes. I took mpg samples on my Tuesday and Wednesday obligatory short trips, and was pleasantly surprised. While it's certainly no fun to see each of these trips individually (one of 1.1 miles netted me 30.1 display, ouch!), the fact that I'm apparently able keep the average mileage during all of the week's short trips to about 46.2 displayed mpg (so likely about 44 mpg in real life) means that it won't drag me too far down from 60.

In fact, on a tank spanning two weeks, and thus two Tuesday/Wednesday combos of short trips, I would only have to get slightly above 62 mpg on all my other 433.8 miles to still get about 60 mpg, even with the 46.2 miles of 44 mpg (you can see I'm aiming to fill up about 8 gallons. 433.8 miles + 46.2 miles = 480 miles). On tanks like this week, where I have to drive more than usual, I may only hit Tuesday/Wednesday once on the tank, and I only need a little over 61 mpg on the other 456.9 miles (480 miles - 23.1 miles of Tuesday/Wednesday combo).

This seems like a tall order, and although I've had a couple of 58 or 60 mpgs displayed on the low end, you can see below I've had a good week overall, setting a couple route records, the latest of which was tonight back from work, at 67.7 mpg displayed in 28°F weather. Looking forward to the fillup results anticipated about Monday the 14th!

67.7 mpg over 12 miles

This one was tough, but got 61.9 mpg on the display over 18 miles. Wentworth wouldn't glide for about 12 minutes, it was so cold out - notice the 19°F in the upper right corner of the screen.

68.3 mpg over 27 hilly miles (I'm getting better with warp stealth!)

66.2 mpg over 20 miles

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